Reviews EnCORE Pilates

Encore Pilates formerly Deborah Adams Pilates

Suzi B.

Petaluma, CA


It is hard to adequately convey how wonderful it has been to workout with Deborah Adams as my Pilates trainer for the past year.Deborah is very knowledgeable in her field and sensitive to your personal fitness needs.

Her workouts are effective fun and educational. I always leave feeling well worked out and uplifted.She has the ability to work with all of my aches, pains and old injuries in a very therapeutic manner while increasing strength and flexibility.But most of all she always makes it seem like fun.

Laura L.

Petaluma, Ca


If you have never tried pilates and find yourself considering it, you must give it a chance! It is a wonderful way to build strength without feeling like you are being tortured. Deborah Adams is an amazing pilates instructor who treats each client as an individual, customizing each work-out based on how you feel THAT day. Injuries, lots of travel, stressful job, whatever you my be facing, she can pinpoint where it is showing up in your body and help you work it out! I have not had one sciatic flair up since I started working with her. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!

Rick S.

Novato, Ca


I love Deborah Adams Pilates. In the beginning though I was very skeptical that I'd be able to benefit from it, because of my multiple disabilities (cervical and lumbar spine, both shoulders,arms, hands, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic pain, headaches & depression). From the beginning and in each subsequent visit Deborah's instruction is focused on improving my strength, conditioning & balance from the core outward. I'm never pushed (like some trainers do) to do something that would hurt me or cause problems later. Quite to the contrary. If I'm unable to do something, then Deborah shows me a different way to get the same advantages. When I started pilates with Deborah I was in the worst condition of my life. I'd become complacent & just figured I couldn't improve, because of all my physical issues.

After the first session I felt great. And that's how I feel after each session. More importantly though is that I'm healthier then I was & I have some new strong muscles. I feel stronger, I breath better, my postures improved tremendously and I feel much better about myself.

Deborah Adams is the BEST. I did all the work, but she (& my wife who told me to go) deserve all the credit.

I want to urge you to give Deborah Adams Piltes a try. Hey, if I can do it, so can you & it's a great experience being respected and treated with dignity & respect and feeling good to boot.

Kari C.

Santa Rosa, CA


I have been going to Deborah Adams Pilates for about 6-8 months now and she is wonderful. I look forward to my classes each week, even though she tortures us with excercise. (I am paying to get worked out but, love to complain about it.) Pilates is now becoming a part of my lifestyle unlike the gym that I can easily skip out on if I don't feel like going. I would recommend Deborah to anyone looking for a pilates instructor she is wonderful and a pleasure to work with

Amy R.

Petaluma, Ca


I can't say enough good things about Deborah. Right after I moved to Petaluma I had 2 serious injuries to the hamstring in my right leg within months of each other. Deborah has worked with me for over a year and I have had dramatic results in how I feel, hold and use my body. I have been doing yoga for over 25 years but the work I have done with Deborah in true Pilates goes into far deeper places from a physical viewpoint. I can now do my yoga and other exercise knowing I have the core support I only learned through Pilates.

Besides being very professional, Deborah has also become a friend. She is such a wonderful person to spend time with, very knowledgeable about dance and Petaluma and a wonderful sense of humor. Deborah is not just a Pilates instructor, she is a unique person who has been one of the best of my 'finds' since moving to Petaluma. Thank you for being there Deborah!

Meghan S.

Petaluma, Ca


I started working with Deborah almost a year ago - and now would not be able to live without my weekly Pilates Class! She is a great instructor - taking time to get to know you and your body so that Pilates becomes an enjoyable exercise and not a stressful one. The benefits are amazing! I have arthritis in my neck, and due to the strengthening of my core, I have limited the number of chiropractic visits from once a month to once every three months! Physically, I have more balance and strength and mentally I find my mind to be clearer and invigorated by the classes. It is definitely worth trying a class to see for yourself that Pilates and Deborah will change your life!

Audrey H.

Petaluma, Ca


I started going to Deborah Adams Pilates when I realized that I had to get stronger in my core. Having a ruptured disk I really needed someone I felt confident knew my limitations and could modify a program for me. Because I knew Deborah had an extensive dance back round I felt really comfortable bringing my back and body to her. I have much better mobility and strength and feel a lot safer in my body, she adjusts the program to grow as I grow. She is a wonderful teacher from whom I learn something new every session. I am very happy to be stronger and more flexible. Thank you Deborah!!!

Kirsten M.

Novato, Ca


I'm over 60. Initially, I researched various fitness-type programs, finding

Deborah Adams Pilates. I bought an introductory package and have never looked back. First, Deborah assessed my individual needs and tailored her instruction to address all my issues. I am thrilled I found Deborah Adams. I've been doing Pilates with Deborah for a year now. I just had my annual physical and my doctor told me I'm in better shape than most 30 year olds. Thank you Deborah!

Bridget R.

Petaluma, CA


Yay for Deborah! I started visiting four months ago and look forward to my weekly small group class. Deborah is a wealth of information and always knows just what to focus on any given day. Feeling more balanced and tightened. Can't wait for Fridays to see Deborah again!

Heather B.

Rohnert Park, Ca


There are not enough stars on the the score board to rate Deborah Adams Pilates. I began as a skeptical believer thinking there was no way that something like Pilates would be the cure to my back pain. As an ex-dancer and pure pessimist, I came in with the attitude that it couldn't hurt to try.

Deborah is also a dancer and knew how to work with my body. I've had 3 spinal surgeries and the outcome has been successful but painful.

Deborah has customized the exercises to suit my needs as well as my comfort. She has taught me to isolate muscles to help relieve pain instead of inflict pain. She has taught me core stability through floor training. She's taught me balance, posture and helped me in my everyday life to help me be aware of my body.

I am so thankful to have met Deborah and to have her be a part of my weekly lifestyle. Deborah Adams Pilates is a part of my life now and I look forward to a more optimistic future

Kendra T.

Petaluma, Ca


I cannot say enough about the positive changes I have experienced on my body after working with Deborah Adams Pilates! I came to Deborah after sustaining two ankle injuries and she has helped me get back into competitive shape and re-gain my confidence! I feel that Deborah is a good listener and goes out of her way to help her clients reach their goals. I will be a customer for many years to come!!!